The work of Light House Sober Living began in early 2012. A group of community leaders and concerned citizens, led by Judge Bruce Winters, came together under Leadership Ottawa County, to create the first sober living community in the area.  In early 2014, the group reorganized to create Light House Sober Living. 

All Light House Sober Living homes are classified as Level 2 Recovery Homes, rather than treatment facilities. The residents do not receive treatment services in the homes, but instead work with existing community partners to engage in any ongoing treatment and counseling needs, as well as utilizing 12-step recovery programs in the community.


Services provided in the home center around providing assistance in gaining access to local resources, including employment, physical and mental health needs, transportation, parenting, education, and ongoing recovery services. Staff and volunteers provide ongoing support and guidance in these areas.  They also teach residents skills related to daily living, such as cooking, exercising, cleaning, and budgeting.